Triad Trailer Testimonials

For over 30 years, sailors have trusted Triad Trailers to safely and securely transport their boats to and from the water. If you would like to provide a testimonial about your experiences with our proven products, please send an email to or simply use our quick contact form by clicking on the Contact button in the main navigation menu.

Here’s what your fellow sailors are saying about their Triad Trailers.

Hey Tony, when we bought our used 1998 S25 six years ago it had no trailer either. After looking/pricing around, we had Triad Trailers make ours. My wife almost killed me when I told her how much it would cost, (about $4,200 with some upgrades) BUT… when I figured out the marina winter fees, hauling, bottom washing, etc. It was close to $1,600. per year. So, when I told her it would pay for itself in about 2 1/2 years she saw the light. I went with Triad and think it was one of the best investments I made for our S25. I get to work on it when the weather is good all winter long in our back yard. No running back and forth to the marina to check on it either. (saves gas and time) It’s no harder to launch/retrieve then out Potter 19 was. Plenty of great reasons to buy one once you get over the price! Mark C. Sailing LIS all summer long.”

– Mark C, 1998 S25










CROSSCURRENT MARINE proudly took possession of J/70 #10. Craig Crossley had this to report, “The 1,400 mile trip from Bristol, RI to Sarasota was a snap with the brand new Triad trailer doing a stellar job of transporting our new J in style and safety. Transporting in keel-up mode provides a very low distribution of weight and the trailer support points were perfectly laid out to cradle the boat properly.”