Custom Crafted Sailboat Trailers by Triad Trailers

Custom Crafted Sailboat Trailers For Over 35 Years.

My father, Jouquin Mario Orro, was an avid sailer and he loved being around sailboats. Though he was trained as a welder who honed his craft in the automobile industry, his passion for the water was undeniable. Even at a very early age, it was clear to me that at some point in his career, my father would leave the auto factory to follow his true passion which lay in and around the boatyards.

In the early days, my father worked two jobs to pay our bills. By day, he was a master welder for General Motors in Terrytown New York. After his eight-hour shift was finished at General Motors, he would travel across state-lines to continue working more hours at Harcar, a Danbury Connecticut based sailboat trailer builder.

After working at Harcar for a few years, my father negotiated a deal with the owners to buy out Harcar’s equipment and intellectual property. It was at that point that the concept for Triad Trailers began to take shape and eventually became a reality. In 1975, my father joined together with two other partners to officially form Triad Trailers – aptly named to symbolize the group of three passionate pioneers who founded it. Shortly after the transaction with Harcar was complete, my father and his partners began fabricating and selling custom sailboat trailers under the Triad Trailer name.

Under the leadership and direction of my father and his associates, the business grew and prospered. New, innovative trailer ideas, attention to detail, craftsmanship and superior service were the main contributors which fueled the growth. Each year, we would make more and more Triad Trailers as our products became more well known and embraced by boaters across the country. To help the business, I worked closely with my father as I got a little older and he taught me the about the industry, how to fabricate trailers in the shop – and everything in between. My father was a true craftsman and mentor.

As the years passed through the late ‘80s, one of the original partners left the business, and shortly thereafter, my father’s other partner left the business to pursue other opportunities. That left my father as the sole owner of the company which he successfully ran all the way through the time when I graduated college in 1993 with my engineering degree from the Wentworth Institute of Technology. The day after I graduated, I went to work full time for Triad Trailers.

Nearly twenty years later, Triad Trailers has grown to become one of the largest sailboat trailer companies in the United States, designing and building hundreds of custom trailers for boaters across the country every season in our 11,000 square foot, Raleigh, North Carolina based manufacturing facility. Sailors and boaters alike have come to trust Triad Trailers for our innovative designs, superior craftsmanship and quality products that have been proven to provide dependable service to and from the water for over three decades. As our saying goes, “the best sailors trust Triad Trailers”.

At Triad Trailers, our goal is to deliver custom crafted sailboat trailers that provide un-matched reliability and security for your boat as you travel to and from the water. Our team of technicians and fabricators is driven by the same dedication and passion that drove my father to start this business over 30 years ago, and it is my belief that these virtues are clearly evident in every Triad Trailer we deliver. That’s the Triad difference.

Good sailing,




Mike Orro – President, Triad Trailers