Triad Trailers General Service Inspection

Triad Trailers offers a General Service Inspection that features our most comprehensive interval maintenance which can be done to any trailer – not just a Triad trailer. Some types of trailers that would be ideal for a General Service Inspection would include, boat trailers, landscape trailers, utility trailers, wood chipper trailers, towable RV trailers, enclosed trailers, car trailers, heavy equipment trailers, horse trailers and farm trailers.  
This service is ideal for keeping your trailer in top condition so it will provide years of reliable service, no matter what you depend upon it for.

Our comprehensive inspection package includes the following:

  1. Inspect trailer chassis for cracks or major corrosion – make recommendations for repairs or strengthening.
  2. Check all trailer lighting for proper operation and, where visible, inspect all trailer wiring.  Make recommendations for customer to bring current trailer lighting up to current DOT standards.
  3. If the trailer is equipped with brakes, the brake system will be tested for proper operation.
  4. Inspect trailer coupler for cracks or excessive wear.
  5. Remove tires from trailer and inspect them for proper wear and cracking.  Check tire pressure.
  6. Remove idle hub and brake drums and inspect for proper wear.
  7. Remove grease seals and bearings. Clean bearings and inspect for proper wear. Clean old grease out of idler hub/brake drum. Repack bearings and idler hub/brake drum with new grease. Press new grease seal in.
  8. If the trailer is equipped with brakes, the brake backing plates will be cleaned and inspected.
  9. Completely reassemble the trailer to operating condition.
Traid Trailers General Service Inspection includes all labor, grease and shop materials, but doesn’t include parts or materials needed to repair the trailer or the cost of labor to make repairs.
Note: We do not work on trailers towed behind 18 wheelers, motorized RV’s or tow vehicles which includes installing trailers hitches or install vehicle trailer wiring.