Triad Trailer Lift-On/Off Models

A Lift-On/Off model is designed for crane or travel lift launching.  Therefore, it does not provide ramp launching capabilities. Both the Float-Off and Special Float-Off Packages are equipped with:
  • A bow stop with mounting ladder
  • Atop the bow stop will be a launching and retrieval winch
  • A set of keel guides that will keep the keel centered on the keel support

Triad Trailer Float-Off/Off Models

The Float-Off Package extension tongue is located on centerline of the trailer frame.  In fact, the extension bar, when in the stowed position, is the same piece that you tow with. Because the extension bar is located on centerline, the length of the extension bar is limited to the first set of hull support pads which is generally about 8 feet. When the extension bar is extended, it will support the tongue weight of the loaded trailer.

Triad Trailer Special Float-Off Models

The extension bar on the Special Float-Off Package is located off of the centerline of the trailer frame which allows us to run the extension bar along side of the keel. The length of the extension bar on the Special Float-Off Package will be roughly 18 feet long. Because the extension bar is so long, it would bend if it had to support the tongue weight. For this reason, we have added a dual-pneumatic set of launching wheels that will support the tongue weight while you are launching and retrieving your boat. When the bar is stowed and you are traveling, the launching wheels are retracted and remain in a horizontal position. If the extendable tongue is not long enough for the ramp you are using, the airplane wheels can be used in conjunction with suitable cord or chain to let the trailer ride down the ramp.
Choosing between the Float-Off Package and the Special Float-Off Package is a tough decision. If the ramp you are planning on using has a steep grade and deep water, you might get by with the Float-Off Package. However, if you plan on using the trailer on several different ramps, or on lakes – then the Special Float-Off would offer more options to get the boat off the trailer.