Shipping Your Triad Trailer.

Though not required, we welcome new Triad Trailer owners to come to our facility in Raleigh, NC to pick up their trailer.  If you are unable to personally pick up your trailer, we have selected Quality Drive Away or Baker Transportation to handle most of our trailer deliveries.  In our experience, we have found both of these companies to be very reputable and reliable and they will deliver trailers anywhere in the continental United States.  Both firms are Department of Transportation certified and fully insured and please visit their websites to learn more about their services.

If you elect to have your Triad Trailer delivered, most often your trailer will be delivered with either 1, 2 or 3 other trailers. (there is a chance your trailer will be delivered alone) The delivery cost can range between $1.40 and $2.00 per mile, one way plus any tolls. This delivery rate will typically be split equally between the amount of trailers being delivered as we try to group trailers being delivered by similar regions. Typically, delivery fees range between $350 and $400 along the Route 95 corridor between NJ and Newport, RI. Triad Trailers will arrange shipments through Quality Drive Away or Baker Transportation for each customer.  Unless other arrangements have been made prior to delivery, all customers must be at the drop location to meet their trailer.

Please note that each individual customer is responsible for all unloading fees at their selected/assigned drop point, as well as disposal fees of the metal/wood stacking bars that may accompany stacked trailers.  We estimate unloading and disposal fees to be less than $100.00 per trailer.

Quality Drive Away and Baker Transportation will accept either credit card payments over the phone/fax or certified funds at the drop point or cash at the drop point.  Please note that Triad Trailers is unable to add the cost of delivery to your trailer invoice due to North Carolina Law which prevents motor vehicle dealers from paying for delivery as doing so indicates the trailer was not sold at the North Carolina dealership. Therefore, once the trailer is ready to ship, and we have a confirmation on the shipment, we will email you the details along with a credit card authorization form which you fill out and either email or fax back to the shipping company.