Alerion 20


This Alerion Trailer is 20 feet in length and features our state of the art engineering and design for the ultimate in precision and craftsmanship. For nearly 30-years Triad Trailers has been the industry leader in designing, engineering and building customized sailboat trailers. Our trailer designs accommodate all types of sailors needs and all types of sailboats. We guaranteed a perfect fit for your complete satisfaction! We can offer this guarantee because every trailer we build is specifically designed for the sailboat it will carry. This is not always the case with competitors. Our competitors push trailers within a boat length range that they hope will fit many different sailboats. The result is the trailer you are buying may not fit the sailboat you have. In most cases our competitors do not offer a guarantee the trailer your buying will fit the sailboat you have. This is not the case at Triad Trailers. If you order a Catalina 25 fin keel sailboat trailer, we build a Catalina 25 fin keel Triad Trailer. No guess work and no “I hope it fits.”